Pinnacle Construction Group

Pinnacle Construction Group is an innovative construction company committed to the highest professional standards of conditions and quality.

We apply and uphold these standards in all of our key relationships; with clients, suppliers, contractors, employees, government representatives and the community.

Construction Management

Quality Project Management

Pinnacle Construction Group manages all aspects of the building process, site establishment, management and staffing, calling and letting of tenders, management of sub-trades, material procurement, and industrial relations, environmental and quality assurance.

Design And Construct

Attention To Detail

General Contracting is carried out with careful planning of the construction process, paying attention to the client’s needs and finding resourceful ways of fulfilling those needs. On many occasions when a project is over budget, Pinnacle Construction Group has been able to find alternative products, construction systems or in some cases provide the complete redesign of a building to create the necessary savings to meet the budget and thus allowing the project to proceed. Co-operation with the supervising Project Manager or Architect is a must and working together with the total team is the aim set out by management, to ensure a quality product, delivered on time and on budget.


Experience based capability

Pinnacle is able to offer Property Advisory and a development role.  Pinnacle has the knowledge, experience and proven capability to ensure effective and reliable development management and property advisory.

With strong industry links to real estate agencies, investors and subcontractors, the avenues for project delivery are all readily available.